One of our main advantages is ongoing support for those projects that we do. This includes:

  • after final acceptance we offer 2 months free bugfix period.
  • after 2 months we support our projects on a pay-per-hour basis.
  • we perform ongoing development on a fixed budget model for improvements and enhancements
  • we handle system adminstration tasks, migrations to new infrastructure, network configuration, security analysis and support
  • normal troubleshooting response time is 1 hour during working hours. We provide 24/7 support for extra price where necessary.
  • we provide troubleshooting manuals for customer’s own IT service to be able to maintain our solutions effectively
  • we always provide stage server for free for projects of any size. All changes are first deployed to stage server so that our customer can try it before making it live.
  • we use version control where possible to be able to revert changes, even made by end users.
  • in business solutions we keep audit trail logs for all end user actions, so that we are always able to recover from end user mistakes.