Buiding bespoke software is primary for iDeveloperNetwork from its foundation in 1998. You can see brief list of our expertise in our portfolio. We build software from scratch and maintain/improve existing projects, built by other developers.

This does not mean, that we build things from scratch all the time. In modern technology world using 3rd party solutions and services is usually worth itself. Our advantage is, that we are not limited to those 3rd party solutions, but having deep knowledge of underlying technologies, we can tailor these solutions to the needs of our customers.

Our strong side is analysis of your project, having great experience in creating software from start to maintenance of complete product we know what is important and what is risky, and can pay attention to important parts and address risks during project analysis. If needed we do “proof of concept” development with smooth transition to minimum-viable-product. We know what features of software are mission critical and what are “bells-and-whistles” and can be developed later.

You can find some details on our usual procedures on How We Work page.