Highly skilled programming teams employed by American customers started to appear in emerging countries across the world in early 90s. Since such projects were much better financed than those in the local market, and the number of teams engaged in offshore projects was insignificant, these teams accumulated the most professional specialists. Wizard`s Guild association that comprised several strong software development teams (RPA, Arrow Group, Nagual Soft, etc) was one of the strongest and better-known organizations of this type. Wizard`s Guild inherent features were very high software development standards (coding standards, organization of developer work, technology for customer relations) at most similar to American ones.

SoftLogic Group Company

SoftLogic Group was one of the teams that constituted Wizard`s Guild. In 1997 SoftLogic Group left Wizard`s Guild and started its own offshore software development business. SoftLogic Group constantly improves developer work organization, customer relation policy, etc. The experience accumulated while functioning as part of Wizard`s Guild was used as the primary basis, but for two years of its existence SoftLogic Group has produced a much more powerful structure. Quite comprehensive coding standards and the formalized system of employees interrelations have been created, etc. The Company designed its own effective specialist selection system that allowed quickly find professionals for the opening vacancies.

In 1998 due to increase in the number of employees and provided services 3 new departments have been created in the Company: Software Development Department, Software Testing Department and Graphics and Design Department.
Software Testing Department is a powerful testing service that not only attends to the internal needs of the Company, but also services those SoftLogic Group clients who need the Company software testing service.

The projects of Software Development Department are developed in many areas (Win32 development, game development, Internet-based applications development, databases development, image/sound processing, etc). The Company Management closely monitors market opportunities; so, as a result, the number of Internet-based projects increased sharply in 1998-1999. Consequently Software Development Department was subdivided into separate Software Development Department and Internet Development Department.

It became clear in the end of 1999 that Internet based service market was growing extremely fast. Therefore SoftLogic Group began providing Web design and Internet Marketing services (first of all, web site promotion). The number of orders also grew by leaps and bounds; so two additional departments – Web Design and Development Department and Internet Marketing Department – have been created by the Company at the start of 2000.

Since 1998 SoftLogic Group began the collaboration with other software development companies and groups (mostly those working at the CIS market). The capacity of the Company has sharply increased due to the resources of other firms and teams successfully utilized by SoftLogic Group during implementation of the projects. Since the methodology of work organization is well developed, a project is usually implemented by another company in the same time frame and with the same quality, as if SoftLogic Group specialists did it.

Most companies and groups that successfully collaborated with SoftLogic Group for a long period of time became practically the parts of SoftLogic Group; SoftLogic Group is now their only client, the groups use the same organizational scheme as within SoftLogic Group, etc.

Thereby, SoftLogic Group was a distributed Internet based company that offers to its clients a very powerful and well-structured resource in the wide range of software development and Web development based services.

SoftLogic Group Customers

During 2.5 years of its existence SoftLogic Group fulfilled the orders of more than 15 clients from USA, Great Britain and Germany. Our customers were very satisfied with both the quality of our services (work organization level, technical skills of our specialists) and our prices.

After running several online promotion projects, SoftLogic concluded that it is not worth itself and is not offering online promotion and SEO services any more. We are still working in the area of advert performance tracking and optimization (such as AdWords and other networks).

SoftLogic Group specialists were engaged in the projects in very diverse fields. Many clients gradually enlarged the volume of work to be outsourced to SoftLogic Group specialists; and for some clients SoftLogic Group became the only offshore partner in software development.

One of such clients was Connected Place Ltd., London, UK. This company developed an intricate next generation technology for data backup. Connected Place collaborated with SoftLogic Group since 1997, and in 1999-2002 most of the work was done within SoftLogic Group.


iDeveloperNetwork was registered in UK in January 2000. The new company has leveraged both expertize and structure of Softlogic Group. After having been registered in UK, the company achieved a higher position in the local market and become even more attractive for cooperation, since it had offered to the clients such advantages as expertize of its UK managers, locally signed contracts, etc.

iDeveloperNetwork further continued to expand the partnerships with its customers. In 2001 the company had signed the partnership agreement with Duality LLC, a Web solution company from St. Louis(MO, USA).

In 2002 iDeveloperNetwork had opened its representative office in Denmark targeted at European clients.

More and more attention was paid to Web applications. In 2002-2003 one of significant projects in Software Testing Department was set of internet-related tools – caching proxy, online virus protection suite, and others.

In 2004 as online communication becomes more popular in the world, both UK and Denmark offices were closed and company pays attention to remote communication with its customers and between its employees.

In 2005 iDeveloperNetwork stops partnerships with other vendor companies and builds its own distributed engineering network, which consisted of software developers, team leaders, software testers, graphical designers, and had few offices in emerging countries and number of telecommuters. A full-time HR manager now is employed to be able to assess and hire most talented engineers.

In 2005 iDeveloperNetwork gets engaged in few video communication projects.

Starting from 2009 we started building mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

Since 2005 company business structure didn’t encounter any significant changes. We are still looking for professional developers (see Our Vacancies page), our primary area of expertise is Web and all sorts of internet (see Our Expertise page), we still are using cutting-edge technologies, and our main goal is support of our customers.