Full project cycle @ fixed budget

Usually we handle project development from the very beginning to the final delivery and support, that happens after final delivery. We prepare budget and time estimate at the beginning of the project and follow it.

We provide full information of the project flow, including access to stage server, video demonstrations, continuous integration reports, etc

Depending on the project we usually ask up to 30% for the upfront payment.

If project lasts for more then 2 months we usually ask for intermediate payments. Payment schedule is agreed at the beginning of the project, and we only ask for payments for those parts of project that are complete, tested and accepted by customer. We understand, that a whole thing is more then a set of pieces, so we normally ask less on intermediate payments, and more on final payment, so that final payment is up to 50% of the total project budget.

We understand that requirements may change during project development, and we always try to minimize budget when such changes appear.

On demand engagement @ pay per hour

For those projects that require flexibility we provide on-demand development resource with pay-per-hour model. We charge only for hours actually spent by our engineers and we provide full information of what work has been done at each spent hour. When working on the pay-per-hour basis, our team leaders are always tracking the progress to make sure that developers are working effectively.

This model is useful for support and maintenance tasks, consultancy, agile development, infrastructure administration, personal training.

We always make sure that after scattered invasions of our developers, code is still in good state, well documented, all changes are commented and traceability of requirements → tasks → code changes is clearly visible. If project has unit/functional tests or documented test cases – we always make sure that all tests are passing. If we make changes on the website, we always make sure that new version works well will major browsers.

Delivery of source code and documentation

We always deliver source code and documentation, as well as full revision history where version control is applied, build and configuration instructions and examples. In some cases we deliver source code after receiving payment.