This feature is implementation of “Code vs Documentation” thesis of Agile methodology.

Our Continuous Integration server captures educational video clips when running Selenium funtional tests.
First of all video is much easier to understand then text documentation and even screenshots.
Documentation – text and screenshots – can not be automatically verified to match current code version. When code evolves there is risk that documentation will become inconsistent with new code version, and extra efforts are required to maintain it, which is rather boring and nobody likes to do it.
Our video clips are performed by functional Selenium tests, and tests are always maintained consistent with code as code evolves, otherwise CI server will report build failure.

As a result users always have up-to-date screencasts, which are categorized by use case.

These screencasts are useful for acceptance, when we deliver results of our work to our clients – it is much easier to show how it should work on a video instead of explaining and guiding through. And of course we are sure that those use cases that are displayed on video are bug-free in real life.