Customer Spacegate, Inc., USA
Efforts ~5 dev-months
Platform cross-platform, JSP 2.0, JSTL, JTAPI, Microsoft SQL Server, Nuance voice recognition software
Year 2004

Speechmatrix is a Voice Data Collection (VDC) technology. Two studies have been developed based on the core technology: VDC- Pain Monitoring Diary (PMD), and VDC – Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Daily Consumption Diaries (DTAD).

Speechmatrix incorporates telephony, speech recognition and database to implement voice data collection. One of the studies is designed to be “a voice diary” of patient, where instead of writing or typing, person can “speak” and his words will be captured. Users make a number of calls to the system and “talk” with it. System can call out to remind people if they have missed a scheduled call. User utterrances and recognized data are recorded in the database. Speechmatrix includes the following components:

  • recognition log file parser
  • management of studies, users, user sessions, etc
  • displaying session details, transcription of words, etc
  • user pain level graph
  • graphical display of pain location on the body
  • correlation of results with zip and loacal weather conditions
  • graphical display of subject location on the map
  • editable call schedule
  • user self-enrollment
  • role-based access control