Customer Thought Guild Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA
Efforts ~20 dev-months
Platform Win32 (Windows95/98/NT)
Year 1999

There were two versions of this software. QuickStitch permits digital images to be combined, or “stitched”, into a “wide angle” or even panoramic image by emulating 3D surrounding. This application is currently being bundled with all Ricoh digital cameras distributed in U.S. The UI featured an easy-to-use file browser, multithreaded image previewer, image “drag-and-drop” feature, image layout capability, and custom controls that allow a customized (artistic) interface presentation.Lots of nice features (like image filters) were added in the second version.

The project was implemented for Enroute Images Inc. (Palo Alto, CA, USA). The specialists of Enroute Imaging Inc. have developed the engine, which was the base QuickStitch operated on.

Technologies: MSVC++, MFC, Win32 API, ALT, COM, LeadTools.