Customer Thought Guild Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA
Efforts ~5 dev-months
Platform Win32 (Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP), JVM
Year 2000

Project was targeted at porting Java-applet to Win32/C++ Internet client. ‘Ciao!’ multilingual server allows the users to chat in different languages and understand each other. Our development team has ported Java source of the client part to C++ and built an MFC wrap around existing code. Project included a lot of TCP/IP programming, real-time communication with server, multithreaded UI model, unicode support (for Windows 95 that does not support unicode) and control customization. This project had been developed for Intermedia Inc. (Palo Alto, CA, USA).

Technologies: MSVC++, MSVJ++, Win32 API, Sockets, MFC, JDK 1.1.