Customer Webnet One Inc., Los Angeles, CA, USA
Efforts ~400 dev-months
Platform Win32 client (Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP), Linux+JVM server
Year 2002

For Webnet One company we developed Online Casino with features and options compatible with the leading systems in this industry. Currently 5 clones of the system (they differ in design and in game selection) operate in real mode and are profitable. The systems include more than 15 main games. It is possible to play in Play-For-Fun and Play-For-Real-Money modes. Currently we have developed getaways with all major payment systems.

The players can play system games using 3 different game versions:

  • Online client (Java). After an applet has been downloaded to a user’s computer (2-3 minutes with 28.8 modem) he/she can start the game.
  • Downloadable client (Windows application). A player downloads 5 Mb application from the server, and, following the system installation, he/she can use the system with no need to download anything else. We developed the upgrade scheme so that the users would be able to download all later system changes (new games, etc.) with no need to download the main application. This game version employs much more advanced graphics than that for Online client.
  • Rich-graphics FLASH client. It is implemented with Flash. The client has to be downloaded before the game starts (3-5 minutes with 28.8 modem), but it uses the same advance graphics that the downloadable version does. Currently this type of client is implemented not for all games, and it can be operated at only some system clones.

Besides a Game Part, the system has a very extensive Administration Part that makes it possible for a system owner to configure all game settings (profitability, choice of strategies, win/lose ratios, etc.). The Administration Part provides also extensive statistical data for all played games (several dozens of very detailed reports).

We have provided the whole development cycle and support (including the deployment of new clones and remote administration).Large workgroup of 25 members (2 project leaders, 1 mathematics expert, 10 developers, 3 system administrators and 9 QA engineers) is busy working under continual time pressure conditions. Our specialists provide all remote administration and support of casino system servers. They created and supported high-quality security strategy for all systems to prevent all hacking attempts.

The system logic was developed by a group of professional mathematicians employed by our company; they have designed some very sophisticated mathematical models for games that have a hypnotic effect on players and “induce” them to play. It is possible for mathematical models to be easily configured in all details, and a system administrator can control a game profitability, set different strategies, etc.

The system operation produces constantly growing revenues and demonstrates high level of the product produced by our team.

Technologies: Java (Applets, Servlets, Swing, JavaBeans), TomCat, Sybase, MSVC++, Win32 API, COM, DirectX, FLASH, ActiveScript, ASP, HTML